Can a mac book pro get a virus?

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Can a mac book pro get a virus?

Notapor zaldorx » 22 Mar 2010, 05:48

I've asked this question on Yahoo! Answers before, but it did not work out at all. My computer started freezing out of random, so I rebooted my computer entirely. But after the reboot, it still does it. I have only 12 programs installed, which are: -Adobe Fireworks CS4 (NEEDED) -Adobe Flash Player Plug-in (For Mozilla Firefox) -Apple Application Support -Apple Software Update -AVG Free 9.0 -Belkin Wireless Utility (My Internet) -Camtasia Studio (NEEDED) -Free Registry Repair (Tried To Fix With This) -Google Chrome (NEEDED) -Java(TM) 6 Update 17 -Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable -Mozilla Firefox 3.5.6 (NEEDED) -Quicktime Pro 7 (NEEDED) -Registry Easy v5.6 Pro (Tried To Fix With This) -Windows Explorer 8 -Windows XP Service Pack 3 -WinRAR Archiver Pro (NEEDED) My Computer is 10 Years Old. A Compaq FS740 Monitor with a Compaq Presario Tower. I have different problems every time I HAVE to reboot. I Full-Scanned the computer with my AVG Free 9.0, and no viruses were found. I don't know if it's either a problem with the Registry, a Virus, or something else. What can I do to stop this random freezing?

Re: Can a mac book pro get a virus?

Notapor [QLB]_Frodoguz » 25 May 2010, 11:55

You can test hardware or :2guns: your Mac.
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